My First Blog Post

If you are here, then somehow you have found my first blog post, as the title so profoundly points out. But let me be completely transparent, this is not my very first blog post. It's just the only one I haven't deleted. Writing this was much harder than I anticipated. The vulnerability of being read and understood makes my introverted self cringe like the post-tequila lime.

Exponentially, launching this site is as difficult. The creative process has been cathartic and you would think after putting in the countless hours, I would be chomping at the bit to show it off. And part of me is excited. But again, the voices in my head that say, "This isn't necessary. Who wants another blog? Who do you think you are?" Oh, they are so annoying.

Excuse me.

One moment while I just put aside my insecurities and fears.

I have moved up the date I will publish this site. Weeks ahead. It's actually not as "ready" as I wanted it to be but I feel as though now is the time. Yes, now. I am writing this amidst the growing coronavirus pandemic. Yesterday, the president of the United States (I actually refuse to utter his name) initiated a 30-day travel ban of flights from Europe into the US. Italy is on lockdown. The vulnerable are dying. People worldwide are elbow bumping...

In my personal sphere, I had to cancel my trip to Japan the night before departure. A slight fever and cough that would normally be shrugged off as nothing had become relevant. I have relatives in Washington living in the area where the virus is running amok. I work in travel and hospitality, an industry that is taking the worst beating in this atmosphere. And if that wasn't enough, my aunt's roof was torn off last week in the tornado that ravaged Nashville.

So yes, yes, yes, clearly the best time to launch my passion project. Pandemonium. Did you you know pandemonium means literally the place of demons? Hell. Pan meaning all and demon, with the Latin-ium ending. It is in the midst of pandemonium, I feel most compelled to rise.

Thanks to my travels I have learned a great many lessons. Things like being flexible because things don't always go as you planned. Problem-solving, you learn to find creative solutions when you are on the road. Staying poised, panic just doesn't translate well in different languages and never helps in any situation.

And then there's, appreciating the moment.

This one. Appreciating the moment. It might not have been what you wanted, how you perfectly planned it, what you envisioned, what you friends said, how you read it on the web, you might not even know how or why you arrived but here you are, in the moment and it is in that moment, you realize that the best way to go about it is to live it.

It is in that moment, you realize that the best way to go about it is to live it.

Soak it in, folks. This is our moment. I can't even fully fathom the notion that I can't travel freely as my heart desires at this moment. I physically feel a lump in the chest and find myself sighing because I feel trapped.

I check Skyscanner daily to see...

just a wee peek, to see flight prices. I contemplate a quick escape to anywhere as flight prices drop worldwide.

There are a million reasons why I am not hitting the 'buy' button at this time which I won't get into here. The one reason I will share with you is that I am following my gut instincts that at this moment in time, I am meant to be doing this. Writing and sharing the stories from my explorations. Not just about what to see, do, and eat but about the lessons that travel teaches all of us.

goingKnowhere is a tribute to authentic travel and the stories that come with it. It worships the human experience and gives space to tell a story through words and imagery. And this space is dedicated as much to the exploration within as it is to the outward journey. They go hand in hand.

I will take this opportunity here to just remind you to wash your hands.

At this moment, I am reminded that you don't always have to physically move to explore. At this moment, I am humbled and grateful when I lift myself out of the noise that I have hot water and soap to wash my hands, I have a roof over my head to keep me warm, I have the time to focus on my passion, and that I have you to share the journey with.

Thank you for being here. I hope you subscribe because there is so much goodness that I can't wait to share with you.

xx Sandy

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