She designed a life she loved

Once upon a time, I ran around in heels, sat in a lot of meetings, & worked with a lot of cool people in the travel industry. It all made sense until one day it just didn't and so I left the life I thought I wanted to a life I knew I needed.

In my redesigned life, I yearn to be storyteller, blending words and visuals creatively on a global canvas. Travel is everything to me. It has taught me to be flexible, to think creatively, to look for detours, to appreciate beauty everywhere, to live in the moment, to be perfectly imperfect.

Going Knowhere is for the traveler who strikes out on their own paths, avoiding the crowds, who loves exploring places in their own way, in their own time. My stories are for you. I feel like we could become friends.

Let's meet at the intersection of exploration and inspiration.


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Be true, Be you


Inside, outside, all around


Our imagination is the limit

My Values

  1. Riding wild Mongolian horses

  2. Breakfast with elephants in Thailand

  3. Dancing in the streets of Havana

  4. Getting lost at sea in Portugal

  5. Working on a Korean farm

  6. Flying drones & baking scones in Ireland

  7. Living the life of a Londoner

  8. Greece with Greeks

  9. Finding Tiger's Nest in Bhutan

  10. Chasing waterfalls in Iceland

My Top Adventures