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A quintessential Icelandic phrase is Þetta reddast, meaning "don't worry, everything will be fine." Not in the condescending, your concerns don't matter sort of way but instead in the have faith and persevere kind of way. Don't you love that?

A Wedding on Ice


An American couple shares their dream destination wedding in the land of fire and ice.

24 Hours in Iceland


Who says you need days for a road trip?  Find out what's possible in 24 hours.


Đi một ngày đàng học một sàng khôn, a Vietnamese proverb, translates into "A day of travelling will bring a basket full of learning."

Go grab your basket.

Best Meals in Hoi An


The food in Vietnam is out of this world but in Hoi An it's beyond. Yes, that's possible.

Saigon to Mui Ne by Motorbike 


A female solo backpacker shares her adventures in Vietnam on a motorbike.

Dive In

There is no better way to learn about a country than from it's people. Join my candid chats with locals from around the world as they share their love of country, traditions, and priceless travel tips.

Portrait sculpture covered with a transparent plastic sheet
Full-body marble statue partly covered with a black plastic sheet

Puerto Rico


What is mofongo? Who are the Taino? Where are the best beaches?

South Africa


What's the one meal that all Saffers love? What locations are a must? What are iconic SA songs?


Find all my blog posts of where and what to eat, sleep, play, & know.

Let me take you knowhere.

Shiny metal ladder leaning on a large round mirror
A metal shiny framing round marble surface

Greece by Greeks


I compiled the very best Greek islands to visit recommended by Greeks you can trust.

Scottish Crown Jewel


Travel with me to the most northern point of the UK for cuddly coos & stunning sunsets.


I love creating content for kickass brands that share my passion for the authentic travel experience.

Interior space with a blue arch wall that partly covered with a curtain
Tangerine arches walls highlighted in daylight



Uncharted is changing the landscape of travel blogging. Check it out.

Philadelphia Traveler


As a contributor to one of Philly's top Instagram accounts, I invite you to follow & be jawn.

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